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The Crystalon Saga


The Crystalon Saga is the story of a mighty sorcerer who is jaded and corrupted by his own power. The first novel in the series is 'Redemption of The Sorcerer' and it sees him battling his own inner demons to finally confront a greater threat to the entire world. Click this link to be taken to the Crystalon Page

The Crystalon Saga

The Cagliostro Chronicles


A sci-fi action/adventure series set in the not-too-distant future. Where a genius scientist and business owner discovers a way to break through the hyperwarp barrier and propel the human race into a much more dangerous universe! The action never stops within the pages of The Cagliostro Chronicles!

The Cagliostro Chronicles

The Grim Spectre


A new pulp actioner set in the late 1930's!  A mysterious creature prowls the back streets of Riverburgh, NY seeking out the criminals who run the city. But is he friend or foe? His horrific visage terrifies both gangster and citizen alike. Who is he? What is he?  Find out within the pages of The Grim Spectre!

The Grim Spectre

Help! They'e All Out to Get Me!


'Help! They're all out to get me-the motorcyclists guide to surviving the everyday world' is a a non-fiction motorcycle 'How To' book, concentrating on safety, proper technique, riding gear, and, as a motorcyclist, how to survive in the real world This book is filled with good, common sense advice for a long, safe riding career. 

Help! They're All Out to Get Me!



Hyperforce- If you love Superhero action and adventure, then these are the novels for you! Written in the 70's to 90's style so they're kid and adult  friendly with lots of action, adventure and intrigue


Torahg The Warrior-Sword of Vengeance


Torahg the Warrior-An action packed  sword and sorcery novel set in a land in the far distant, undreamt of past! A land of monsters, evil wizards and nefarious forces, all allied against a Prince who is falsely accused of his own fathers murder. A young warrior who must fight through every obstacle to reclaim his crown, his kingdom and his dignity!




This section holds anthology books I have a story in. Check them out, there are a lot of great books here! 


The Halloween Terror of Weatsboro


The Halloween Terror

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