When a young alien prince crash lands on Earth seeking help for his people he sets into motion events that will bring together the greatest heroes the world has ever known. A team of newcomers will face a threat from beyond the stars. Along the way the team that will become known as 'Hyperforce' will face many mysterious and dangerous enemies, each with their own incredible powers and abilities. They will be tested time and again, and if they should fail, any one of the threats they will face may be enough to destroy them all! If you are a fan of silver age and bronze age comic storytelling, this book is for you!
An action and adventure lovers paradise filled with excitement.

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Hyperforce II- Of Madmen and Megalomaniacs


Hyperforce II

Enemies All Around Them!
A Team in Turmoil!

Hyperforce accomplished much in its first year together. But now, with one of their most powerful members gone, the team must try to unravel the machinations of their foe, 'Mind Master.'
But Mind Master is not the only threat they must face. Because a new foe (or is he a friend?) has risen from the sea and is seeking out the team of superheroes. But what does he actually want from them? Does he seek their aid? Or does he have more nefarious plans in mind?
The adventures of the nascent super-team continues as villain after villain, one more powerful than the last, attack the team again and again.
But their newest, most mysterious foe may be more than they can handle. A hulking grey skinned brute with strange and terrible powers may signal the end for Hyperforce. A monster whose battle cry of 'Kneel and know Dyspair!' would send an involuntary shudder down the spine of the bravest of men.
With not only their own lives, but those of people all over the world at stake, will Hyperforce be enough to stop their terrible new enemy? And what of the traitor and spy in their midst? Will he be discovered in time?
Find out the answer to all of these questions within the pages of 'Hyperforce 2-Of Madmen and Megalomaniacs.'

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