The Cagliostro Chronicles

The Cagliostro Chronicles


In the depths of space, beyond our galaxy's furthest star awaits danger!

In the not too distant future, mankind has finally discovered the secret to faster than light space travel.

But it is a most dangerous discovery indeed!

Now Mark Johnson, a brilliant scientist and engineer, will lead a handpicked crew ofadventurers into the unknown. Where they will discover the truth about thesecrets of the much larger universe and the myriad dangers it holds.
Now,in a race against time, if the crew of the Cagliostro cannot unravel the depthsof the mystery, conspiracy and danger that surround the earth like a closing claw of evil, mankind itself will not survive!
Join with us for the inaugural voyage of the star cruiser Cagliostro as its crew begins to unravel a conspiracy that will take it beyond the furthest star and into the very heart of adventure!

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The Cagliostro Chronicles II -Conflagration


Two Years ago the experimental Starship 'The Cagliostro' broke the light speed barrier
and the intergalactic war with the Agalum began.
Now after crash landing on a  strange, unknown world Mark Johnson and the crew of the mighty Cagliostro discover a terrifying new threat to the Earth,  A threat that could turn the balance of the war irrevocably in their enemies favor dooming the Earth and its people forever!

But that is not the only enemies the Cagliostro and its crew faces, as a shadowy evil begins to rise and threaten them from a hitherto unknown and alien dimension.

Will the might of the Cagliostro  and its unique crew be enough stop the Agalum's new insidious plan for the Earths destruction and its peoples enslavement? Or will the Agalum finally succeed in crippling the Earth forever? 

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The Cagliostro Chronicles III- Into the Heart of Evil

The War with the evil Agalum rages on, but now there's a new player in the game.
With the Cagliostro embarking on its most dangerous mission yet, a run behind enemy lines to uncover a long hidden cache of weapons designs within the heart of the Agalum Empire, the stakes have never been higher.
But now Mark Johnson and his brave crew aboard the Cagliostro must deal with the dreaded threat of the mysterious Tahir Ga'Warum, the interdimensional aliens who have come to our universe seeking conquest and subjugation.
The threat has never been greater as the Cagliostro and its crew must first find and secure the information that could turn the war permanently in the Agalum's favor before their dreaded enemy can decipher it all, and then they must deal with not only the threat the Agalum pose but that of the monstrous Tahir Ga'Warum as well.
It's a race against time for not only Mark Johnson and the crew of the Cagliostro, but for all of Earth itself and the very existence of the human race!

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